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Dubai Girls abroad

People from India move to various foreign countries as Canada, US, UK , Dubai and Arab countries. Almost Indians are spread and live world wide and Arab countries are the place where Illiterate people migrate to work.



vacancies in Canada are open for all types of workers and for Doctors and Chefs, the demand is high. But in case of Arab countries, illiterate people from India move there to work in the Construction fields as there are large number of buildings built every year constantly..

Ladies are also sent there to take care of the house hold chores in the large bungalows of the Sheiks. It has been told that their houses will be of several thousand square feet and not like the apartments houses and villas we live in which we construct of mere 1000sq.ft area.

So these Sheiks appoint persons for taking care of the house and they have workers for every purpose such as cleaning, cooking, driving and also for taking care of the kids. In some cases the ladies who go to work there get caught up in the wrong house who don’t know to treat workers well

In this case, the Girls in Dubai who went there for house work did not face favorable situation and also did not get paid the agreed amount.